Andreas Hijar lives behind a mask and through the spectacles of his art; the artist and illustrator who currently goes by the alias of“Golgo” was born in Mexico City. A collector of imagery, as a self-taught artist he developed a singular style, his influences: a mixture of academic classical art, comic books and futuristic tendencies. His work inhabits a spectrum of reality not lived yet, a fantasy where life and death are presented as instants of a time that may or may have not existed. 

Hijar has a strong connection to his roots, beginning with the admiration towards Mexican wrestlers, a fascination from where the infamous mask that veils his identity came along. Graffiti became a common place; he wanted to explore the ambits of the concept of glorification, the obscure and the divine.  

Hijar is currently travelling nomadically around the world and has set an extension to Black Blood Studio in the US, the space he works from, originally founded in Mexico City. He surrounds himself with the specific symbols, colors and objects that transmute into his paintings, graphics and alternate design work. Always with a hint of the metaphysical, hope, amazement; creations based around characters and themes that surface from distress into a limbo, seemingly catching the tragic beauty of a last breath. 

Born in 1982, artist Golgo aka Andreas Hijar brings together in his artworks the convolution of life. Crucified Christ and weeping saints appear together with human bodies and imagery related to his cultural background. These eclectic cultural references are inspired by Golgo's personal interests, which focus on human existence and its believing and the functioning and decay of the human body.


A self-taught artist, Golgo first took to the streets of Mexico City in the late 1990s. He created graffiti oscillating between the sacred and the profane, the real and the imagined, the colonial and the indigenous. His solitary ventures soon evolved into a collaborative effort as he established the collective Da-Flow Team Heavyweight Industries with his fellow street artists and luchadores. United by the common belief in the power of the visual, the members of DFTHWI* have sought to integrate their vibrant designs into the mainstream culture, often lacking creativity. With this aim in mind, they have worked on commission for word renowned brands including Nike, Adidas, Black Scale, Bruce Lee Foundation, Reebok, Misfits, Vans, New Era and many others, animating ordinary daily products with their own touch and vision. DFTHWI collective currently comprises by another artist Lil Mister P, Golgo´s right hand man. Both members hide their faces under luchadores-inspired masks, a practice initiated by Golgo as homage to the greatest hero of his childhood, wrestler Mil Máscaras, and as a way to protect anonymity.


Golgo also continues to produce as an individual creator at his Black Blood Studio, allegedly founded in Mexico City in 1666 and now located in Los Angeles. Golgo employs a wide range of techniques including oil, ink and aerosols, but his main technique is oil painting where he exploits with his hyperrealism pictures and popular imagery associated with medieval Europe, playing with the notions of spirituality, corporeality and pain. They also expose the futility of any attempts to draw a line between art and science, as they demonstrate that these areas of knowledge complement rather than conflict each other.

-Ivonne Alcántara